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Our Story

JK FARM is a small 1st generation family farm sitting on just 41.25 acres in Southern Illinois. The farm was purchased in 2012 by Josh Kumke and his Wife with the intentions of building a home and raising a family in the country. The initial goal was never to run a family farm as a business. After a few years of more "Hobby Farming", Josh fell in love with raising animals and providing healthy food for the family. With a background in construction and an entrepreneurial spirit, Josh has decided to risk it all and pursue his passion in farming. With personal heroes and influencers such as Joel Salatin, Greg Judy, and other like-minded regenerative focused farmers, the goal is to raise animals on the land in a way that is most beneficial to the animals, the soil, the environment, and our health and well-being. JK Farm offers homegrown meat and eggs with a focus on pasture/grass based regenerative systems. "Rather than focusing on purchasing additional property, the focus is to do the best we can possibly with the little piece of property God has blessed us with. The dream is to be the example and set the benchmark of what is possible on a small 40-acre farm such as ours. Then to help others achieve their like-minded dreams and goals. Together we will not only make one another healthier and more sustainable, but make a real and meaningful difference in the world for the future of our generations to come."- Josh Kumke - JK FARM