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"We cooked the ham steak tonight and it was melt in your mouth delicious. The best thing yet is that we know exactly how it was raised."
Jennifer Knott (Ellis Grove, IL) Jennifer Knott (Ellis Grove, IL)
Picked up some bacon, sausage, and beef this week and all were delicious!!! Sweetest owners! You won't be disappointed!!!
Jen Tepe (Red Bud, IL)
We purchased half a hog from Josh at JK Farm and it is the best pork we have ever had!
Sherri Asselmeier (Chester, IL)

Our Story

Thank you for your interest in JK Farm! We are a small family farm located in Southern Illinois offering homegrown meat and eggs with a focus on pasture/grass based regenerative systems. Our number one focus is to do the best we can possibly with this small piece of property God has blessed us with. We aim to raise animals on the land in a way that is most beneficial to the animals, the soil, the environment, and our long-term health and well-being.

If that's what you're after too, then we invite you to join us in making a change! Together we will not only make one another healthier and more sustainable but make a real and meaningful difference in the world for the future of our generations to come.

- Josh Kumke - JK FARM


My Promise To You

  • To maintain an open-door policy. Want to visit the farm to see how your food is raised? We welcome you to schedule a tour!
    • To raise all of our animals with love and respect the way we believe God intended them to live. 
      • No Feedlots.
      • No Concrete only clean ground.
      • No Crates or cages.
      • No MNRA, Growth Hormones, or GMO's EVER!
      • Antibiotic Free
    • To focus First on soil health and microbiology through regenerative practices by managing in a way that promotes maximum photosynthesis and carbon-sequestration. To minimize water run-off and stabilize our soil and streams.
      • No Insecticides
      • No Herbicides
      • No Chemical Wormers
      • No Chemical Fertilizers
    • To only provide you with the best products we produce. If we wouldn't put it on our dinner-table, we will most definitely NOT let you put it on yours!
    • To do our absolute best to make sure you are satisfied and continue to be a valued customer!

    - Joshua Kumke - JK FARM